The Investment research revolution is here

Featuring Raoul Pal, Grant Williams

Just over two years ago, Real Vision disrupted and revolutionized financial television. We’re now about to do the same thing to investment research.

As you know from Real Vision TV, we believe in the democratization of financial knowledge and giving people access to the kind of information, normally reserved for the elite on Wall Street.

Today, with the launch of Real Vision Publications, we’re shaking up the financial research industry, with an incredible value proposition, bringing together the best market thinkers on the planet for a fraction of the normal cost.

Welcome to Real Vision Publications. Now find out more about the next stage in the Real Vision revolution.

Published on
13 December, 2016
4 minutes


  • J

    Janet .

    25 1 2017 22:53

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    I have registered but have not heard anything. Is it up and running?

  • SS

    Scuba S.

    19 12 2016 22:04

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    On the MacroVoices podcast from this past Thursday Erik was able to weasel a confirmation of a new RV product release for early January. Is it possible we can get a super founders bundle for all three services?

    Love what you guys have been doing and look forward to seeing what's next!

  • CL

    Charles L.

    19 12 2016 19:23

    0       0

    @Steve B Thanks! I'll think I'll give it a try, as well.

  • SL

    Steven L.

    16 12 2016 17:14

    0       0

    @Steve B thanks for your answers. I'll be signing up!

  • Sv

    Sid v.

    15 12 2016 21:52

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    I have a budget for all this advice, i have to decide who to fire to hire you guys!

  • SB

    Simon B.

    15 12 2016 08:15

    0       0

    Will it include stock tips and/or recommended portfolios?

  • T~

    Tshort63 ~.

    15 12 2016 05:42

    0       0

    Perfect. Signed up as fast as I could. :-)

  • TB

    Tad B.

    14 12 2016 23:30

    0       0

    Been hooked on RVTV for a few months now….. Don't watch them all: I dip in & out of the things that interest me and am genuinely happy to be surprised by things I hadn't considered before.
    It's great to have on in the background when doing other things too. Often re-watch them.
    I'll give the publications site a go.
    Not sure how much time I have for reading reams of articles but lets see :)
    Good luck with it guys !
    Make it fun !

  • sb

    steve b.

    14 12 2016 21:54

    0       0

    @Charles L. We appreciate the question, I will do my best to answer and will be happy to clarify anything after. We are offering 104 new reports every year, 2 per week (published Tuesday and Thursday). The content we publish is the most up to date report from that week's two contributors. The only way to access this content is to have a subscription to that publication or through our platform. Coming up tomorrow will be a brand new report from JDI Research- which is blow your socks off quality research you can only get directly from Juliette Declercq or from us. I would say give it a try for 30 days and if you don't think it is an awesome value and product we will refund you money. No risk to give it a shot. Also see the FAQ page on the publications site to fill in any more gaps.

  • CL

    Charles L.

    14 12 2016 20:20

    0       0

    @Steve B. That's not exactly answering the question of Steven L. Look at John Mauldin's "Over my shoulder" for example. You at RVTV will need to convince me (and Steven L. and others, I presume) that RVTV/publications is not just a series of "selected re-broadcasts". I/we get that from John already. What gives?

  • GW

    Grant W.

    14 12 2016 19:28

    1       0

    @Dan F Thanks for your comment - I have asked our customer service team to contact you in the next 24 hours to get a little more understanding on what exactly you are dissatisfied with.

  • DF

    Dan F.

    14 12 2016 17:51

    0       3

    I wish I could cancel my subscription and get a refund. I'm extremely disappointed in your service.

  • sb

    steve b.

    14 12 2016 16:40

    0       0

    @Steven L. The articles are the full, current publication of each author. Each author is contributing about 10% of their publications to RVP per year.

  • SL

    Steven L.

    14 12 2016 16:30

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    Are the articles going to be written specifically for RV or will you be publishing the current month's newsletter from a subset of the 30 authors?

  • TP

    Tom P.

    14 12 2016 12:07

    1       0

    I'm a software developer and have no formal background in business/Econ/finance, but I find this world so fascinating! I've learned alot through RVTV, and am excited to continue learning about markets and investing through your service. Thank you for making it so acessible and affordable!!!

  • PP

    Patrick P.

    14 12 2016 08:43

    3       0

    Real Vision is the best money I spent in a long time --count me in!
    Pat P

  • TB

    Thomas B.

    14 12 2016 08:42

    1       0

    You should be nominated for the Nobel Prize!

  • PK

    Paul K.

    14 12 2016 06:13

    2       0

    Well done guys. the new sight looks amazing and so pleased to be involved

  • AL

    Andrew L.

    14 12 2016 05:12

    10       1

    Cmon who down-votes this? Honestly everything is so good on RealVision that you wonder if they just add some automatic down votes to the videos so it doesn't look like too much of a bunch of a love fest around here but lets be honest when youve been in an information and intellectual desert for years and years and someone shoots a firehose of refreshing goodness at you how do you not love it? Wish you all the best luck with the new endeavor I hope hope hope there are plenty of actionable ideas for the small time investor not just family shops, I know thats kind of hard tho.

  • WM

    Will M.

    14 12 2016 02:55

    2       0

    I'm all in!!!

  • JG

    Jeff G.

    14 12 2016 00:09

    5       0

    will definitely give it a whirl. noted the ttmygh banner - is that now part of the package? hope for timely content, actionable by the small investor. GOOD LUCK!

  • LW

    Lukasz W.

    13 12 2016 23:22

    7       0

    When you think it just can't be any better they strike again. I'm very glad to part of this adventure.

  • GA

    Giedrius A.

    13 12 2016 21:37

    3       0

    You guys are incredible, thank you for continuing providing us with extraordinary knowledge. All the best

  • JM

    Jim M.

    13 12 2016 19:30

    3       0


  • ML

    Mark L.

    13 12 2016 19:23

    8       0

    I recently joined real vision tv. I am soaking in as much from the past as well as new tv each week. Great concept and excellent delivery. I am now joining real vision publications and look forward to another level of learning. Thanks.

  • EA

    Edward A.

    13 12 2016 18:47

    2       0

    Thank You !!!!

  • JG

    Jasper G.

    13 12 2016 18:42

    4       0

    I believe in your mission so signed up already! Thank you.

  • gp

    gs p.

    13 12 2016 18:35

    5       0

    Signed up. The tv was a brave attempt and I am confident that this one too may differentiate itself in creative ways.

  • JV

    JP V.

    13 12 2016 18:31

    3       0

    It will be an honor to be able to join you once again.
    Thanks a lot.

  • VS

    Victor S.

    13 12 2016 18:13

    2       0

    Good Luck gents

  • ob

    oleg b.

    13 12 2016 18:07

    2       0

    I look forward to it. Great news!!!

  • ob

    oleg b.

    13 12 2016 18:07

    2       0

    I look forward to it. Great news!!!

  • JH

    Jacqueline H.

    13 12 2016 17:22

    5       0

    Please publish this on Facebook as soon as possible. I keep promoting your service to the somnambulists on my friends list and will post as soon as I see this pop up (with the header "SUBSCRIBE!"). Your team is as good as gold. Thank you.

  • BN

    Brian N.

    13 12 2016 17:15

    13       1

    Will sign up immediately, I am a college sophomore and this TV series alone has provided me with insights that put me far ahead of my classmates and has allowed me to have genuine conversations with m

  • WE

    William E.

    13 12 2016 17:08

    8       0

    "I love the smell of napalm in the morning"...... I just signed up and as the opening phrase suggests: give the "old financial media hell"; best of luck!!!!

  • SS

    Sam S.

    13 12 2016 16:39

    5       0

    Fan Friggin Tastic! Only thing left will be to throw a party in the Cayman's for all the RV viewers. Hosted of course. The efforts Grant & Raoul have made over the last several years and resulting success is nothing short of outstanding. Publications here I come. Happiest of Holidays to All.

  • RM

    Richard M.

    13 12 2016 16:28

    3       0

    Just signed up! I echo Craig A.'s comment - I get so much out of RVTV, it's really fantastic! Thanks Grant and Raoul for all you are doing!!!

  • CA

    Craig A.

    13 12 2016 15:55

    4       0

    I am so happy you are providing us with more. I watch realvision daily and thrive on more content. Looking forward to checking what publications is all about.

  • IJ

    Ian J.

    13 12 2016 15:40

    1       0

    no brainer

  • SD

    Salvatore D.

    13 12 2016 13:53

    8       0

    I subscribed, Grant it's ok to be commercial and smile about it... Thx

  • KS

    Kathleen S.

    13 12 2016 13:48

    4       0

    Real Vision is the best!!!!

  • sb

    steve b.

    13 12 2016 12:48

    8       1

    Hi Adam the $199 offer is until January 10th. The library is already packed with great content and we had The Felder Report published yesterday

  • GG

    George G.

    13 12 2016 12:24

    4       0

    I am in and have not seen the offer yet..Why? because you guys DELIVER!

  • NS

    Niek S.

    13 12 2016 12:13

    2       0

    Its getting better and better!!

  • AJ

    Adam J.

    13 12 2016 11:00

    3       0

    Looks promising - how Long is that founders offer going to be valid for?

  • gg

    gurdeep g.

    13 12 2016 10:38

    11       0

    one word....Fantastic!