VIX vs. Vax: Path Dependency and COVID-19 -- Live with Naufal Sanaullah

Recent announcements of effective COVID-19 vaccines may have been positive for equities in the short term, but the question remains – how path dependent will markets be to a less than speedy rollout of these vaccines if the current trajectory of rising cases continues? In this interview with Max Wiethe, Naufal Sanaullah, chief macro strategist at EIA All Weather Alpha Partners, outlines his framework for understanding this path dependency, explains how end of year dynamics relating to options traders have and will continue to drive equity markets, and assuming bullish technical patterns are confirmed by price from now until year end, why the Russell 2000 and Nikkei could be the best trades for the rest of 2020. As well, they will discuss why Sanaullah thinks the bond market bottom may be in and take questions from the audience.

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