When Status Becomes Compromised - Live with Andreas Steno Larsen

The currency market dwarfs every other market in terms of daily trading volume. More often than not, however, it gets lost in shuffle of the the day to day news flow as it is eclipsed by the more topical and noisy stock market. What many perhaps don’t realize is that the FX market, similar to the bond market, tells a much more comprehensive story of how a country is doing overall. The price of a currency relative to another reflects everything from politics, geopolitics and international relations to the macro- and microeconomic conditions of each respective nation. And, in the case of the U.S. and its almighty global reserve currency, weakness or strength can signal potential tectonic shifts in the global order of things. As such, understanding the fragility of a global reserve currency becomes paramount to predicting future trends. To this end, we’ve invited Chief Strategist at Nordea Markets and Investor at Splishnow.com, Andreas Steno Larsen, to sit down with Ed Harrison on this week’s segment of Real Vision Live where they’ll be discussing global currencies, USD reserve status, and what this could all mean moving forward. Please find charts from the session here: https://rvtv.io/2P9mkas

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