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My Life in 4 Trades

My Life in 4 Trades Podcast

Do successful investors have a unique skill that allows them to see trends before others? What is it about the way they approach trading that gives them an upper hand?  I’ve been covering financial markets for over 20 years and I’ve often wondered whether trading instincts are something you are born with or a skill that can be learned.

In my new podcast, My Life in 4 Trades, I sit down with legendary traders, from a renegade Scotsman to one of the first women to work in a trading pit. I’ve been picking their brains about the four most important trades of their life (two winners and two losers) and we examine all the factors surrounding them.

The conversations, which are deeply personal and philosophical, have forever changed the way I think about decision-making. How we grow up, respond to failure and forge relationships all impact our ability to succeed. These veteran investors deliver a masterclass in how to manage risk and profit in both work and life. I hope you’ll listen in the conversations and stream the podcast which debuts April 5. Available wherever you get your favorite podcasts and at realvision.com/mylifein4trades