Housing Market

Dan Zwirn, CEO and CIO of Arena Investors, returns to Real Vision to provide a strategic update on the world of credit. In this interview with Real Vision’s managing editor, Ed Harrison, Zwirn explains how, in a world of suppressed interested rates by monetary authorities such as the Federal Reserve, companies that are effectively underwater nevertheless manage to secure financing at attractive rates. Harrison and Zwirn discuss this phenomenon of “liquidity without solvency” in depth, comparing the ongoing fervor in AMC Entertainment Holdings to Hertz last summer.

Are credit markets tightening? There’s some data that indicates that they are across almost all loan types.

Divergent PMI readings between the U.S. and Europe indicate a stark contrast forming between the two continents. While Europe was hit with a wake-up call today, it looks like the American dream has yet again bought itself more time.

Foreclosures have stalled even as delinquencies approach 2010 levels. Why is that the case? Also: Berkshire’s investment in Barrick Gold Corp, and a look at Precious Metals Week

With no stimulus bill passed, U.S. Congressional lawmakers have wrapped negotiations, ending in a stalemate. President Trump issued executive orders over the weekend to extend aid—but who and what will be hurting in the mean time?

Whether remote work will continue to be favored, CDC issues a statement on reopening schools, and Trump cancelling the Republican convention in Florida.

It seems now that all of Capitol Hill is finally embracing the fact that the virus will not be slowing down any time soon and that they need to implement policies that demonstrate substantial strength in their response to the pandemic.

Here are today’s biggest headlines, including updates on Twitter’s massive hack, California Resources’ bankruptcy, and the 30-year mortgage rate reaching a record low.

Critical Market Context for the Week Ahead​ – U.S. equities inched higher last week despite singularly dismal economic data coming in from all fronts. The S&P 500 closed just over 3% for the week on Friday, marking the biggest two-week rally since 1938.


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