Real Vision 2021: Distilled

There are two types of ways to say “what a year.” There’s “what a year, when will this pandemic end” and “what a year, I can’t believe how much good stuff happened.”

Both can be true at the same time. And right here, we focus on the second one, in this special annual issue of The Distillery.

Thanks for being part of an incredible year for Real Vision.

And bring on 2022. Cheers.

The Crowd Has Spoken...

Out of more than 1,000 Real Vision videos released in 2021 (Yep, 1,000+…!), what gripped members the most — often for more than one viewing?

It was a hard-fought battle but these are the top 3.

And to the 700+ Real Vision contributors who appeared this year…

Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

Raoul Pal makes an emergency update to all Real Vision members on his current views as founder of GMI, on the biggest set of sell signals he has ever seen.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks with Raoul on everything from consumer behaviour to community, marketing to metaverse, entrepreneurship to Ethereum, and more.

In a brand new Real Vision show for 2021, Raoul gives a straight analysis on just where he thinks everything is going and why he’s changed his thesis.


Even we were surprised when we counted up the new shows we launched this year.

From quick-shot tutorials to deep dive masterclasses, from Raoul doing what he does best (going on journeys of discovery) to Real Vision legends starring in their own limited series, it’s been a phenomenal year.

More to come in 2022…

Investor Masterclass

The most successful investors never stop mastering their investment framework. In "Investor Masterclass," legendary investors with decades of experience and rising stars at the cutting edge of the business share their unique experiences, learnings, and approaches to investing and life. For Plus members and higher.

Investor Tutorials

Investor Tutorials is a new educational series from Real Vision meant to help investors better understand the most important market concepts. From the unknown to the chronically misunderstood, we'll focus on the ideas that matter most to help you wrap your head around the complex world of finance, business, and the global economy.

The Journey Man

"Raoul Pal The Journey Man" is a journey into the macro ecosystem as Raoul Pal, CEO and Co-Founder of Real Vision, sits down with the best and most interesting financial minds to further hone his own framework.

The Exponential Age

The Exponential Age explores all the ways that macro, digital assets, and tech are converging at breakneck speed — and how investors can navigate this brave new world.

Real Visionaries

This series is all about connecting viewers with some of Real Vision's most forward thinking guests. Our first guest in this series is Jim Bianco — a luminary in the world of finance. Thanks to Bianco's deep understanding of the subjects he explores, viewers will gain new insights like never before. This series for Plus members.

Adventures in Cryto

Raoul Pal — Adventures in Crypto, is Real Vision Crypto's flagship program hosted by Raoul Pal, CEO and Co-Founder, as he sits down with the greatest minds to figure out just where this digital asset and crypto revolution will lead us all.

Real Vision By the Minute…

108,342,763 minutes of Real Vision content was watched in 2021. That’s more than 1.8 million hours.

Real Vision event attendees live streamed 3,881,703 minutes of incredible talks (64,695 hours, for those keeping score).

It’s Hard To Watch Everything…
(1,000+ Videos In 2021, Remember?)

If you’ve seen all of these, well done. You’ve reached Level 11 in Real Vision fandom. 

Here’s our Editors’ picks from 2021 that you might have missed.

As an artist, Maliha Abidi’s transition to launch her NFT collection, @WomenriseNFT, was a natural move. Speaking with Elaine Ly, Maliha asks, what if we can advance human rights at the rate NFTs have been adopted?

In this two-hour interview—the first of its kind—Kiril Sokoloff interviews Cathie Wood, founder and CEO of ARK Investment Management. Cathie provides a deep level of insight into the events that will shape the exponential age. 

It is incredible how many ways there are to make money in the market. Whether it be as a systematic technical trader following strict rules and chart patterns or as a discretionary fundamental investor trying to understand the key drivers of asset prices, there are some things that seem to be ubiquitous.

The Chinese Communist Party’s stern crackdowns on its businesses and online education companies have alarmed investors all around the globe. Perth Tolle, founder of Life + Liberty Indexes, joins Kyle Bass, founder and CIO of Hayman Capital.

From Lyn Alden’s perspective, “We can do all we want with the numbers, but at the end of the day, human decisions drive our economies.” Jared Dillian, editor of The Daily Dirtnap, joins her to talk about the psychology of money and its connection with inflationary and deflationary environments. 

Aside from considering whether inflation will be transitory or persistent, prospects about future growth are also being hotly debated in markets now. Roger Hirst digs into the weeds to explain how Raoul and Julian are coming to their opposing conclusions.

Real Vision Guests

More than 700 unique guests appeared on Real Vision in 2021 — more than double that of 2020.

Who appeared most often? Tony Greer (41) and Mike Green (28) appeared most often in 2021.

Getting Together, Apart... and Finally Taking Over

2021? Well… we have even bigger plans” is how we finished talking about Real Vision events in 2020.

From the Crypto Gathering to the Festival of Learning, from our 7th birthday party in New York City to The Takeover in Las Vegas… it’s been quite a year.

Crypto Gathering 2021

Peter Brandt, founder and CEO of Factor LLX, and Willy Woo, founder of The Bitcoin Forecast, join Laura Shin, founder and host of the Unchained podcast, to discuss Bitcoin’s recent price action as well as analyze charts and commentary on the crypto market and market cycles.

Festival of Learning 2021

Legendary psychologist and economist Daniel Kahneman, Nobel laureate and author of “Thinking, Fast and Slow” and “Noise,” joins Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital, to share his extraordinary insights into the origins of cognitive biases and belief systems. Filmed for Festival of Learning, 2021.

The Takeover

Delphi Digital co-founder Kevin Kelly joins Raoul Pal to discuss how to do in-depth research and analysis in the enormous, ever-changing crypto space. Raoul and Kevin also dropped the mic on Real Vision Pro Crypto, the new research service the companies have teamed up to create and launch in 2022.

So, here we go again…

Events in 2022? Well… we have even bigger plans.

Real Vision Events 2021

24,397 people attended our online events.

What’s more… nearly 700 of you joined us in person (it felt good to be able to type that again).

97 sessions, held over 10 days.

Featuring 208 guests across more than 72 hours of interviews and in-depth discussions.

The Delphi Digital and Real Vision Hive Minds Collide…

On December 16, we started what quickly turned into the biggest launch in Real Vision history: Pro Crypto, a new membership with research powered by Delphi Digital, a Discord community, our first NFT, and more.

The response was phenomenal:

“Astounding!! I just upgraded From RV Pro to RV Pro All Access!! The minute I heard this I was onboard!! I need this and am beyond words to be apart of Real Vision!!

Thank you 🙏🏼”

— Timothy H.

“I personally think that this is the single most important research tool for any level crypto investor. It’s run by the most respected people in the business. Whenever I listen to other forums and their videos whenever they mention Raoul Pal or Delphi Digital, it is with the upmost respect. I’m in.”

— Jonnie G.

“[Raoul] said it best…”it’s a relief”. I was way down the crypto rabbit hole during the early stages of Covid when I thankfully discovered Real Vision. A year and a half later, I’ve realized massive gains, and I’m humble enough to understand that I don’t have the bandwidth nor background to take the next step to further develop my longer term crypto allocation investment framework.

Happy and grateful to be a part of the Pro Crypto community. Much success to us all!”

— Frederick M.

“Subscribed. As a seasoned finance professional who’s just becoming familiar with the space, I’ve been looking for a research service to help guide me. Having been a Real Vision subscriber for a few years, I’m looking forward to this journey together into the world of Crypto!”

— Efrain R.

Real Vision

Pro Crypto

Missed out?

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Killer Stats

OK. So maybe not “killer” stats but… for some reason… we actually spent time going to research the answers to these questions and more (don’t ask) — so we thought why not share them?


The number of times “exponential” was mentioned on Real Vision in 2021.


How many times did you hear “transitory” this year? On Real Vision alone, more than 120 times…!


Milton was busy this year (isn’t he always?).

Here’s the number of messages he replied to this year.

Real Vision Universe

Real Vision’s YouTube videos had more than 22 million views in 2021, and almost 200,000 new subscribers.

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Needs No Introduction

Last year we said “the more dog-time the better”.

In 2021, the canines did not disappoint…!

This year’s best, has go to Mike Green’s pair, who clearly had their own take on the topic at hand…

The answer to that is...

The key takeaways are...

Bring on 2022 with Real Vision

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