RV Blog Investing Afraid of commitment? Now you can access The Real Investing Course… without an annual membership

Afraid of commitment? Now you can access The Real Investing Course… without an annual membership

Last July, Real Vision launched The Real Investing Course — the flagship of our Real Vision Academy. It’s been a huge success; we’re pretty pleased to be helping thousands of Real Vision members become better, more confident investors.

Now we’re unlocking the doors to The Real Investing Course — making it available on its own, with no commitment to an annual membership. Why? It’s gloomy out there and since The Real Investing Course lives up to its name, our hope is to get it into the hands of as many investors as possible.

So if you’re ready, we want to take you behind the curtain to show you how The Real Investing Course changes the game for investors.

The goal of The Real Investing Course is to help people become better investors in the real world by teaching them the foundations and providing them with different principles and approaches, so they can develop their own style.

We think of it as the base layer of understanding and education required so people can become more independent and start diving deeper into each of the core topics.

The course is designed to expand your horizons and develop your approach to investing. And even if you have been doing it for years it will make you go back and stress-test your process — something any investor and trader should do, no matter how experienced they are.

Before we dig into your journey through The Real Investing Course, here is what members are saying about it…

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Making Finance Interesting

The problem with most finance and investing courses is that they are delivered in a boring way, which makes the dense topics difficult to digest.

This course is an invaluable journey, and we’ve made it entertaining enough to be binge-worthy.

We can’t think of another investing course that can be enjoyed at sunset with a drink and a cigar.

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Breaking Down The Real Investing Course

Across 5 modules, 4 distinctive formats, and many different locations (wine rooms, bars, a cinema, a military bunker, and more), we take you on a journey across financial markets and investing.

Many investors (novices and professionals) focus on one specific part of the market, which only works if you have context and an understanding of all other variables. Otherwise, your portfolio is exposed to risks you didn’t know existed.

Novice investors need to broadly understand how the game works and the different aspects of it, before finding their niche.

A clear example of this is the many crypto traders/investors who lack the proper understanding of the effects of liquidity and the business cycle on all markets. Consequently, many got caught during the first half of 2022.

So, here is how we structured the course:

Part 1: The Game of Investing

It’s easy to think the investing game is rigged, or that the markets (or the players) want to mess you up.

In part 1, we focus on the broader investing game, some of its core rules, and some principles to help you navigate the playing field, the players, and the mistakes they make.

Here you will learn why investing is such a complex game, some of the main pitfalls to avoid, and the process professional investors use to source ideas.

Part 2: The Stuff That Drives Markets

In part 2, we look at trends across different time horizons and learn what exactly drives markets.

Market drivers are a kind of Russian-doll ecosystem, with a number of trends of various time horizons co-existing at any one point in time.

Here you will learn to navigate between the 3 main time frames (secular, cyclical, tactical) and understand the different “stuff” that drives markets over the long/intermediate/short term.

Part 3: The Art (& Science) of Charts

In part 3, you will learn what charts can and can’t tell you and how to leverage them as part of your holistic investment framework.

Charts do not predict the future and must be handled carefully to help you:

  • Stack the probabilities in your favor.
  • Manage risk well so you get to continue to play the game.

Part 4: The Asset Class Universe

We dedicated part 4 to the main assets you will be predominantly investing in — equities, bonds, commodities, currencies, and crypto.

Understanding the drivers of individual asset classes and the relationships between them is essential to finding the best expression of your investment ideas.

Part 5: The Science (& Art) of Building a Portfolio

Part 5 is where we put it all together and show you how to structure individual trades/investments and build and manage a portfolio around them.

As investors, we tend to focus mostly on discussing different trade/investment ideas, but most professional investors obsess over the execution of these ideas, because they know that execution can make or break a portfolio.

This is what professional investors obsess over: trade expression, position sizing, entry/exit points, diversification, or exposure.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to elevate your investing education, look no further. Now you can access The Real Investing Course — part of the Real Vision Academy — without committing to an annual membership… and at 40% discount.

With thousands of hours of expert insights distilled into one 10-hour workshop, the course gives you all the tools you’ll need to navigate markets no matter the environment — with lessons from trading legends like Peter Brandt, Lyn Alden, Mike Green, Raoul Pal, and many more.

New Ways to Learn

As we said, this isn’t a traditional boring course about markets. We have designed it to meet the diverse needs of busy people. 

Each module is designed to give you an essential understanding of the key concepts, provide you with real-life scenarios and examples, and show you practical ways to begin applying it all in your own unique situation.

We do this by leveraging 4 distinct formats. 

The Basics — we introduce the core ideas and concepts for that module. We go into a lot of details and many examples throughout the course, but at the root of all of them is usually a simple idea and a few concepts. Understanding these is step 1. 

Discussions — we discuss some of the key topics, while sharing stories from past experiences, all done as a conversation in different casual settings. These discussions are designed to help you understand the nuances in all of these concepts and get you thinking and asking questions about them.

From the PROs — we designed this format after realizing how much value there was in the thousands of hours of interviews we had in our archives. Well, you don’t have to watch those thousands of hours — we’ve done it for you. This format gives you distilled insights into how some of the top investors and analysts think about and apply the key concepts and ideas of each module in their investing process. 

Workshops – we focus on practical activities, actionable strategies, and various investing scenarios — you know, all the real-world stuff. This will help you begin to move toward actively integrating the concepts into your own investing process. 

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Each module also comes with:

  • A detailed handbook consisting of key takeaways and additional scenarios and context about the topics discussed.
  • Additional curated resources (videos, podcasts, articles, tools) from Real Vision and other sources.
  • A dedicated community section to ask questions, share ideas, and help other members.

We are extremely happy and proud of The Real Investing Course, but that would mean nothing without the positive feedback from our members.

They can describe much better what it is to go through this course.

Member Feedback

Level Up With The Real Investing Course

We hope this look behind the curtain has helped answer your questions about The Real Investing Course.

For a limited time only, you can join The Real Investing Course for 40% off — without committing to an annual membership.

To get your discount and learn more about The Real Investing Course simply click the button below.