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In the fast-paced world of digital assets, terms like bitcoin, ethereum, stablecoins, and DeFi, sound like a foreign language to beginners.

But understanding the basics will help you build a foundation for further exploration.

In this issue, we cover 3 things:

— Navigating the digital asset space.
— Understanding the crypto trends.
— Valuing digital assets.

To win at the Game of Investing, you’ve got to put in the work.

In this 2-part report, we distill the best and most actionable insights from the first 27 issues of The Game of Investing so far.

Are you prepared to level up?

You spend money, but do you know how currencies work? Welcome to the wild world of forex trading.

In this issue we cover 2 things:

— The must-know basics of currency trading.
— The importance of flexibility and risk management in FX trading.

The thing about a market crisis is no one knows when it will appear. Are you prepared to navigate the panic when it comes?

In this issue we cover 3 things:

● How to prepare and protect yourself from a market crisis.
● How to successfully (or safely) navigate a crisis.
● How to embrace (and capitalize off) constant market uncertainty.

In this weekly edition of New World Same Humans, David Mattin explains how the latest development from Google’s DeepMind AI division could spark a future in which AI can create new and viable scientific theories. 

“It’s been a wild year for AI,” writes David. “Things are about to get even wilder…”

How did the Turtle Traders make $175 million in just five years of trading? By following a simple, rules-based system that you can use, too.

In this issue we cover 3 things:

● The legend of the “Turtle Traders.”
● The “Turtle Trader” basics that you can apply to any rules-based system.
● The key takeaways of a systematic investing strategy.

This week, Google’s DeepMind AI division announced Gemini, a multi-modal LLM that can speak in real-time, understand text and image inputs, and combine them in novel ways.

In this weekly edition of the New World Same Humans newsletter by David Mattin, he explains why Gemini could be a game-changer for AI models.

Are you curious about the futures market? Here’s what every investor should know about how futures trading works, how some traders use futures to bolster their portfolio, and and how the market impacts broader asset classes.

Do you truly understand your time horizon? Here’s how to make your trade ideas work for your own personal goals and investing timeline.

In this issue, we’ll cover 2 things:

— How to determine the time horizon that best suits your goals
— How to build investment ideas that fit your time horizon

The Exponentialist is a new, premium research service detailing the profound changes that exponential technologies are about to inflict on the world.

From household robots to AI-managed energy grids, “intelligence abundance” is on the way.

Here’s an excerpt of the inaugural essay from the Exponentialist.


The latest news analysis on what’s next for our new global economy