RV Blog The Game of Investing, Vol. 10

The Game of Investing, Vol. 10

The Game of Investing
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This Week…

We’re celebrating our tenth issue with a roundup of everything we’ve learned on the Game of Investing journey so far.

Whether you’ve been with us from the start or only just subscribed, it pays to refresh your memory. So, check out the summaries of our first 9 issues below.

You can find all the full issues on the Real Vision blog right here.

Welcome to The Game

Welcome to The Game of Investing, a bi-weekly newsletter bringing you “aha” moments and actionable lessons from Real Vision experts. No matter your level of expertise, markets are tough — which is why we all have to put in the work. Ultimately, the game of investing is a competition with yourself. Our mission is to help you navigate the path to success. Prepare to level up.

The Game of Investing Newsletter…

…a bi-weekly newsletter where you learn from investing pros about how this game actually works.

Because learning about finance shouldn’t be boring.

The Roundup

Vol. 1 — An Emotional Business: Investing is a psychological challenge, but managing your emotions will give you an edge. You can do this by looking after your mental health, analyzing your investing psychology, and sticking to a well-thought-out plan. Ultimately, the process is the job, so forcing yourself to develop these habits is key. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 2 — Options for Beginners: Options aren’t for everyone, but they can be a useful addition to your investing toolbox. An options strategy can be used to generate income or hedge risk, so you should start by figuring out if options fit your unique investing goals. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 3 — An Options Expert: Imran Lakha, founder of Options Insight, walked us through how he tracks options flow to gauge future economic risks and understand overall market structure. That data helps him notice shifts in sentiment, discover strong levels of support and resistance, and predict when volatility will arise. It’s all in the flow. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 4 — The Business Cycle: The business cycle is constantly changing, impacted by factors such as inflation, demographics, and monetary policy. Understanding the 4 different stages of the business cycle can help you analyze markets, capture upside, and avoid large drawdowns to your portfolio. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 5 — Win the Battle with Yourself: If you want to build sustained success in the markets, self-awareness is a prerequisite. We all have unique skills, motivations, and goals, so finding a trading style that suits your strengths and weaknesses is the key to sound decision-making. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 6 — Forget Everything You Think You Know: Biases lead to lazy assumptions and overlooked risks — and that’s a recipe for disaster in the markets. Stepping outside of our comfort zones to find trustworthy information and practicing contrarian thinking can help you build the habits that lead to long-term success. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 7 — Contrarian Trading: Contrarian traders don’t follow market momentum; they take bets against it. Like options, this strategy can be another useful tool in constructing a diverse portfolio built to weather any storm. Sometimes, it pays to buck the trend. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 8 — Decode the Yield Curve: What does a yield curve measure? And does an inverted curve always cause a recession? In this issue, we answer those questions with a focus on using the yield curve as a leading indicator of the business cycle. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 9 — Market Drivers: There are 3 types of events that move markets: secular, cyclical, and tactical. Those market drivers all behave differently, simultaneously impacting price action and narratives across different timeframes. Identifying the leading market drivers and their relationships to markets will help you see the forest for the trees. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Next Time

Thanks for reading. In our next issue, we’ll build on everything we’ve learned so far and discuss how to adapt your investing framework in a shifting environment.

See you then.

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The Game of Investing Newsletter…

…a bi-weekly newsletter where you learn from investing pros about how this game actually works.

Because learning about finance shouldn’t be boring.

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