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Bitcoin is considered a risky investment by some. For those that do take the time to consider the possibilities it presents, the choice to invest is not a hard one to make. When it comes to investing, there are many options available.

When buying bitcoin, the first question to answer is: Is it my ultimate goal to buy real bitcoin or buy a surrogate of bitcoin? And am i aware of the difference? This question is paramount because it determines how I will be able to handle the bitcoin I have purchased.

Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million coins. These coins need to be created and distributed. For this to happen, bitcoin must be mined. Mining is necessary to secure the network & maintain the ledger of transactions.

Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum, are like apex predators in their respective environments, with the potential to evolve further and challenge the other in their respective habitats. Bitcoin is challenging money, while Ethereum takes on the traditional world of finance.

Bitcoin is a decentralized internet protocol, a non correlated, asymmetric investment opportunity, considered by many to be the investment opportunity of a generation. Whether that claim is realised or not, it should be something you should want to understand.

Lyn Alden and Travis Kling examine the current factors influencing Bitcoin’s price and adoption. How is Bitcoin correlated to the Federal Reserve’s actions and why may prices keep going up?

Jeremy Grantham looks at the regression in the U.S. among the rest of the world, where we are lagging in the need to green the economy and why venture capital is an area to look for growth.

As the virus rages and the U.S. elections loom, Raoul Pal updates Real Vision members on his outlook for the dollar, banks, bonds, gold, and bitcoin.

Thomas Lee discusses the correlation between crypto & traditional markets and Bitcoin’s outperformance.

Gilbert Verdian, Founder of Quant Network, discusses how blockchain is being adopted and will change financial, health & economic institutions.


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