Stock Market

A stock market, also called stock exchange, is a platform where investors can buy and sell stocks (also called shares) and bonds in publicly traded companies. Prices for stocks are determined by supply and demand.

Marc Cohodes of Alder Lane Farm pulls no punches as he diagnoses the true culprits behind the exponential volatility in stocks such as GameStop: extreme leverage and the hedge funds who use it in order to juice returns. Cohodes argues that hedge funds like Point72 and Melvin Capital are creating significant systemic risk for all market participants.

A fund centered on Iranian equities may seem frivolous to some. Who wants to invest in a country that has been devastated by sanctions for decades and cut off from the rest of the global?

Despite decades of geopolitical turbulence, investors have long-eyed frontier markets like Iraq for high growth value investing.

Todd Harrison outlines his bullish case for cannabis, lists his favorite names, & discusses other tangential opportunities & diversification options.

Gordon Ritter & Raoul Pal discuss the evolution of the software sector, the SaaS investing market, the future of machine learning, and more.

Gold is in a bull market so investing right now is simple: buy and hold. However, there is more than one way to give your portfolio the optimal exposure to the Gold asset class.

Interact with experts directly on Real Vision’s The Exchange. Ask them the questions that will help you optimize your approach to these markets.

Why has the VIX has been rising with the S&P 500? I asked Jason Buck and checked the charts to try and find an answer.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bought $5 billion of its own stock in Q2 – and yet it was a net seller of equities by $13 billion. What gives?


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