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This week, Exponentialist co-creator David Mattin is sharing 5 short postcards on the emerging technologies that are reshaping our world.

These life-altering technological innovations are happening faster than many of us think, so it’s our job to understand what’s coming and prepare ourselves accordingly.

In this weekly edition of New World Same Humans, David Mattin explains how the latest development from Google’s DeepMind AI division could spark a future in which AI can create new and viable scientific theories. 

“It’s been a wild year for AI,” writes David. “Things are about to get even wilder…”

This week, Google’s DeepMind AI division announced Gemini, a multi-modal LLM that can speak in real-time, understand text and image inputs, and combine them in novel ways.

In this weekly edition of the New World Same Humans newsletter by David Mattin, he explains why Gemini could be a game-changer for AI models.

The Exponentialist is a new, premium research service detailing the profound changes that exponential technologies are about to inflict on the world.

From household robots to AI-managed energy grids, “intelligence abundance” is on the way.

Here’s an excerpt of the inaugural essay from the Exponentialist.

Here is a guide that will explain exactly what lithium is, what drives the lithium markets, evaluate if the metal is a good investment for the future, and outline the options for gaining exposure.

Bitcoin miners are forced to constantly improve and optimize their setup and reinvest a significant amount of their earnings should they plan to stay in the mining business for the long term.

While it may take some time before the existing regulatory gaps are filled, many consider regulations based on global standards a factor that will have a positive impact on the crypto space. Some of these effects may include improved market stability, better investor protection and increased confidence, and an overall safer crypto ecosystem.

Unbeknownst to many, smart contracts on the Bitcoin network are possible. The difference between Bitcoin and other blockchain networks marketed as smart contract platforms is that Bitcoin’s smart contracts take a more rudimentary form — yet they are still powerful. Bitcoin trades off flexible programmability for robust security.

This article focuses on Bitcoin smart contracts and their various types as well as their evolution over time.

This conversation is frankly jaw-dropping. AI is already here, and most investors don’t yet see the dangers and opportunities this runaway technology creates. Our advice: Skip this blog post and go straight to the video… (or sign up here)… Your ability to prepare for the future could depend on it. This conversation is frankly jaw-dropping. […]

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