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The Russell 1000, a subset of the Russell 3000, is a large-cap stock index consisting of the largest 1,000 publicly listed U.S. companies, ranked by market value. Despite the index having only a third of the stocks in the Russell 3000, which covers 96% of the U.S. investable stock market universe, it still offers a broad representation — 93% of the stock market. FTSE Russell, a wholly owned London Stock Exchange Group subsidiary, established the Russell 1000 on January 1, 1984.

The Russell 3000 is an equity index that tracks the largest 3,000 U.S. companies. It is market-capitalization weighted, meaning that each holding in the index receives a percentage size proportional to its total market cap. Overall, the index properly represents the broad market because it tracks 96% of the publicly listed U.S. equity market universe. It also has a diverse composition, holding a mix of large-caps, mid-caps, and small-caps.

We looked across financial markets to bring you a compilation of the wildest happenings during December 2020 & the first half of January 2021.

Lyn Alden and Travis Kling examine the current factors influencing Bitcoin’s price and adoption. How is Bitcoin correlated to the Federal Reserve’s actions and why may prices keep going up?

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Jeremy Grantham looks at the regression in the U.S. among the rest of the world, where we are lagging in the need to green the economy and why venture capital is an area to look for growth.

An inside glimpse of the seismic forces that are radically transforming the investment landscape — from SPACs and tokenization to data autonomy and virtual learning

Jim Chanos explains why we are in a golden age of fraud where the market fails to recognize frauds until the last minute. He also explains how he shorts a stock and which ones he is looking at.

Gordon Ritter & Raoul Pal discuss the evolution of the software sector, the SaaS investing market, the future of machine learning, and more.

Dave Metzner explains what policy we can expect with a divided government, the response to COVID and anti-trust suits against big tech.


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