RV Blog Looking for the Upside (featuring cans of beans)

Looking for the Upside (featuring cans of beans)

This conversation is frankly jaw-dropping. AI is already here, and most investors don’t yet see the dangers and opportunities this runaway technology creates.

Our advice: Skip this blog post and go straight to the video… Your ability to prepare for the future could depend on it.

In January, Real Vision launched Looking for the Upside series.

It’s fair to say that most economic predictions are… gloomy.

If we were a cable news channel or churning out financial newsletters — we would be loving this. There’s nothing better than scaring the s**t out of people to drive up ratings and subscriptions.

Real Vision co-founder Damian Horner talks Looking for the Upside (and cans of beans.)

That’s why we’re damned sure everyone around us is going to be ‘ploughing the furrow of doom’ over the next few months. And having Real Vision join the crowd by telling you how tough 2023 is going to be — is not what you need right now.

That doesn’t mean we will stop analysing markets to help you put the macro jigsaw together.

Not at all. That’s just in our DNA.

But we also believe that the world is full of unexploited opportunities that nobody talks about.

It’s our mission to share them with you

Looking for the Upside does exactly what it promises. We’re focusing on the opportunities that are arising from the state of the markets right now.

Think of it as an investigation. A journey of discovery.

We know that investors tend to stay within their comfort zones — especially when things get tough. But when the markets get difficult, you need to stretch your world view. Think different.

So that’s we’re doing in each episode of Looking for the Upside.

Here’s how it works:

Each week we take a different investment theme and look at it in detail:

  • Talking to experts in a deep dive interview to understand the opportunity
  • Why we should be thinking about it now
  • Learning how we could play it.

By the end of each video, we want you to be in a position to make a very simple decision:

  • Is this an area I want to research further and invest in?
  • Or is it not for me?

The point of Looking for the Upside is to ensure we don’t just swill around within the confines of our existing portfolios… hemmed in by our existing knowledge…. trapped by our own preconceptions… and intimidated by a media narrative of fear.

We’re Real Vision. We do things differently.

This is a time for opening our eyes — not for stocked up on beans and heading down to the bunker.

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