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In the quest for sustainable market success, traders need a system they can trust. When choosing between a systematic and discretionary approach, it really all comes down to how you make decisions.

In this issue, we’ll cover 3 things:

— The pros and cons of a rules-based trading system.
— Why some investors prefer a discretionary trading system.
— How to personalize a strategy that fits your unique goals and mindset.

Global macro can be intimidating at first glance, but it’s the framework used by some of the best minds on Real Vision… Let’s try to understand why.

In this issue, we’ll cover 3 things:

— How a global macro strategy differs from other techniques.
— The key to forming your macro investing strategy.
— How macro traders “express” their views.

Real Vision has launched a major new series — Looking for the Upside.

It’s fair to say that most economic predictions are… gloomy.

Looking for the Upside is going to do exactly what it promises. We’re going to focus on the opportunities that are arising from the state of the markets right now.

Think of it as an investigation. A journey of discovery.

At Real Vision, we’ve been around long enough to know that some of the greatest ideas and most interesting thinking come from you.

In this report, we’ll share our findings from the Looking for the Upside survey…

Oligopolies often have strict market parameters that prevent new players from entering the market, which limits competition. In an oligopoly, no one firm dominates the market. Instead, two or more firms share access to the market, which often leads to higher prices and less industry innovation.

We looked across financial markets to bring you a compilation of the wildest happenings during December 2020 & the first half of January 2021.

Lyn Alden and Travis Kling examine the current factors influencing Bitcoin’s price and adoption. How is Bitcoin correlated to the Federal Reserve’s actions and why may prices keep going up?

Gordon Ritter & Raoul Pal discuss the evolution of the software sector, the SaaS investing market, the future of machine learning, and more.

Dave Metzner explains what policy we can expect with a divided government, the response to COVID and anti-trust suits against big tech.

As the virus rages and the U.S. elections loom, Raoul Pal updates Real Vision members on his outlook for the dollar, banks, bonds, gold, and bitcoin.


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