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The Game of Investing, Vol. 30

A Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment vehicle that tracks the price of BTC or assets associated with bitcoin’s price, like futures. It’s traded on traditional stock market exchanges rather than on crypto exchanges. A Bitcoin ETF gives investors exposure to BTC without the need to actually own and hold the crypto asset.

This Week…

We’re celebrating our thirtieth issue by using the AI bot on the new Real Vision platform to roundup everything we’ve learned in the last ten issues.

The Game of Investing is now more than a year old (!!!), so whether you’ve been with us since Day 1 or only just subscribed, thanks so much for joining the ride. The basics of investing are the pillars of our success in financial markets — so it always pays to refresh your memory.

All full Game of Investing issues can be found here on the Real Vision blog.

Now, let’s see what we’ve learned so far.

Welcome to the Game

Welcome to The Game of Investing, a bi-weekly newsletter bringing you “aha” moments and actionable lessons from Real Vision experts. No matter your level of expertise, markets are tough — which is why we all have to put in the work. Ultimately, the game of investing is a competition with yourself. Our mission is to help you navigate the path to success. Prepare to level up.

The Roundup

Vol. 21 — The Basics of Technical Analysis: Learning how to read charts is pivotal to understanding market sentiment and positioning. Even if you don’t invest purely on technicals, understanding how to identify things like price trends and support and resistance levels will prove valuable in your toolbox. Expert trader Dave Floyd leads this TA lesson. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 22 — A DeMark Indicator Intro: Trading legend Tom DeMark developed a precise system of indicators to help judge when a market is sufficiently oversold and expected to form a bottom. His same rules, in reverse, apply to predicting market tops. This is your primer on the popular and effective trading tool known as DeMark indicators. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 23 — Understanding Time Horizons: Recognizing the short-, mid-, and long-term strategies that fit with your own unique investment goals is arguably the most important aspect of investing. In this issue, we cover how to determine your optimal time horizon and how to build investment ideas that fit that outlook. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 24 — How (and Why) to Trade Futures: The futures market may seem intimidating to the untrained eye, but this is an impactful corner of the financial ecosystem offering something for almost every trader. From longer hours that provide insights into global markets to hedging and speculation opportunities, futures are an important puzzle that every investor needs to understand. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

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Back to the Roundup

Vol. 25 — Systematic Trading 101: How did the legendary Turtle Traders make $175 million in just five years of trading? By following a simple, rules-based strategy that you can use, too. In this issue, we cover the core tenets of systematic investing and lessons from the Turtle Traders that you can apply to improve any rules-based strategy. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 26 — How to Navigate a Market Crisis: Is your portfolio (and psyche) built to survive and thrive when panic of a market crisis sets in? In this issue, Alex Gurevich shares lessons on how to embrace constant market uncertainty and capitalize off of rapidly changing trends. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 27 — Intro to Forex Trading: You spend money, but do you know how currencies function in financial markets? The foreign exchange market is the largest investment market in the world and can be a useful tool to add to your repertoire. Expert forex trader Brent Donnelly joins the Game of Investing to cover the FX basics — including why staying flexible and open-minded is key in currency markets. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 28 — Adding Crypto to Your Repertoire: In the fast-paced world of digital assets, terms like bitcoin, ethereum, stablecoins, and DeFi, sound like a foreign language to beginners. But understanding the basics will help you build a foundation for further exploration that could enhance your overall investing strategy. Like any other asset class, identifying patterns and trends is pivotal to properly valuing new opportunities in the space. Let’s dive into where to start. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

Vol. 29 — Why Crypto is Macro: If you think of crypto and macro investing as two separate spheres… stop. Now more than ever before, TradFi and DeFi are one in the same. And as digital asset adoption becomes more mainstream over time, the correlations between macro and crypto will become even more pronounced. The time to study up is now. READ THE FULL ISSUE HERE

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Next Time

Thanks for reading. In our next issue, we’ll dig into some expert tips and best practices for trading the major cryptocurrencies: BTC and ETH.

See you then.

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